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Dear Friend,

Why is it that most affiliates or would-be online marketers never see big (life changing) results...

 …yet the super affiliates can pull in a cool $60,000 in cash from one small promotion, over and over and over again?

Well, it may surprise you but the answer is as plain as the nose on your face…

You see -- 99% of affiliate marketers have never been told the TRUE secret to making money online-- and you can sure bet that the “guru’s” certainly didn’t tell you the truth!

Read every word on this page...

You’ve been brain washed by the “guru’s” into believing that the only way you're going to make money is by buying THEIR stuff.

And then you just end up in a vicious cycle of upsells, downsells, cross sells, and whatever other "sells" they can come up with.

The end result is you are OVERsold and overloaded with information that doesn't do you a bit of good!

Well it’s time we let you in on the “secrets” of the REAL super affiliates...

We’re talking about the powerful tricks of the trade that turn failing affiliates (like 99% of affiliate marketers) into super profitable super affiliates with near push button ease.
There is way too much money to be made out there for you not to get YOUR share.

And if you'll allow us, my wife and I (just a regular Mom and Dad) are going to lift the curtain for you to see how we secretly made millions on the Web through a system of easily created Free Affiliate Websites…   

…yep FREE!


We'd like to throw you and everyone you love a lifeline that could finally generate the kind of income you have dreamt of... real money that is REALLY achievable...

With just a few clicks of the mouse, you'll soon be able to create an unlimited number of Professional Affiliate marketing sites in just minutes,  all designed to do one thing...

…make YOU money! 

Listen…we are a real married couple, not some huge marketing firm or some ‘infamous’ web guru.

We have two daughters and our dog Zen.

…Yep, normal folks just like you!

Normal folks who have busted our butts to feed our family just like you!

Not too long ago we didn’t have $10,000’s to buy courses and go to seminars -- we needed that money for soccer camps, back to school clothes, groceries, vet bills…the life expenses that we all face every day....

In fact, it seems the average person these days can barely afford to make ends meet...

Normal folks are just happy if their jobs, (yes jobs, now both parents have to work) pay all the bills every month!

We are no strangers to that pain and it wasn't that long ago that we were usually deciding which bills to pay and which ones would have to wait...

We are about to let you in our darkest business hour... heck, it was one of the darkest times of our life!

Just a couple short years back my wife Concetta and I owned a gym... a gym that failed miserably.

It started when we bought a 2 story, 10,000 square foot building, tore out the walls, the ceilings, put in new beams…basically gutted and rebuilt it into what, at that time, was our perfect dream business!

Picture This

Upstairs we had a huge workout room with machines and free weights, and an aerobics room where Concetta taught fitness classes and I taught Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Downstairs we had a beautiful Hair and Nail salon, Spa room, Tanning beds, Child care room, Juice bar, Awesome Locker rooms…the whole shebang!

This place was beautiful, and new…every business owners dream come true! At our grand opening Concetta and I were the happiest people in the world.

It was a great day... one that I will never forget.

So for the first year things were going great, everybody loved our place and they all felt like we were one big family.

Concetta and I were acting just as much like entertainers as business owner…life was perfect!


Suddenly the economy started to decline at an alarming rate

You see in New York; when the stock market goes down, everything goes down!

The gym memberships started falling off, less people had the money to pay for tanning, the hair, the nails, the memberships... all of it!

Our income was shrinking and our overhead was staying the same -- all the while we were growing VERY scared.

There was no end in sight to the decline that the economy was taking; “experts” were all over the news saying that we were going from recession to depression in the next few years, if not months!

And there we were -- proud owners of a brand new business in the worst economy in decades. And as I mentioned earlier... it tanked completely.

Even while writing this right now, the pain of those days still burns, deep down inside.

After we lost our gym... we were defeated... heartbroken... unsure of what to do next... worried about how we would pay our bills and take care of our kids.

We were scrambling to keep the lights on... food on the table... a roof over our heads... we were juggling bills and completely living by the skin of our teeth.

It had gotten so bad that I remember preparing to sell some of our electronics just to get a little extra grocery money one month.

... and then one fateful day, we discovered that there was this whole online "world" where you could get paid instantly -- in cash -- and large amounts of cash at that.

You see... one of our long time gym customers who had become a friend during our ownership had secretly been making a fortune as an affiliate for years -- right under our noses.

He never bragged about how much he made (which turned out to be a TON) and in looking back, the only thing that ever really stood out about him, was that he was able to spend a LOT of time at the gym, almost every day.

Well... once he revealed what he did for a living it ALL clicked.

He was able to spend his time doing whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, because he was making a fortune online as a highly paid super affiliate... money was never a worry for him and he had all the time in the world.

And once our gym failed, he did for us, just what we'd now like to do for you...

...he took us by the hand and showed us EXACTLY how to run a highly profitable affiliate marketing business.

What our friend taught us is NOT not being taught anywhere else in this market.

You’d have to search far and wide to even find a coaching program, to the tune of $10,000 or more that would put someone in front of you that was actually doing what we were being taught.

I mean this stuff was so potent... so powerful... so fast at first I wondered if it could really be legal... even when our gym was at its best we NEVER made money like we did with what my friend taught us.

And certainly never that fast.

It was mind blowing... a whole new world was opened unto us and frankly -- we never looked back.

We began taking what we were taught, testing it, tweaking it, putting our own spin on things and our income just went up and up and...

UP Like this...

…That's right... the money abounds and we're going to show you how to get your share (as much as you want or can even handle) right here and right now.

You know... after our friend showed us how to REALLY profit online the checks we were getting in were HUGE.

And one day, after we received one of our first monster checks, I had to run out to the bank to deposit it, and I experienced something I never had before.

The bank teller was literally **shocked**...

When she saw my check... what I was depositing... she actually dropped her jaw. She looked at me... and then back at the check...

And she asked me, "What is it that you do Melford?"

I must have smiled a mile wide... I'm all about family and making sure that my family is taken care of... I'm not very materialistic... but I have to tell you, when that happened... when that bank teller who had surely seen many large checks in her work asked me that...

... well, I felt like we had made it... and I knew everything was gonna be alright -- better than alright... everything was going to be perfect!

Maybe you have heard a few of those gurus proclaim that the best way to make money online is to create your own products???

If you want to go through the hassles, expense, time, and mind numbing effort of product development, finding funding for your project, getting accepted to clickbank, doing all of your marketing due diligence, etc...

... all before you need to go out and rustle up people to promote for you... people you have never met... people that have had full promotional schedules to help out people they DO know...

... then great, as long as you do everything perfectly, you’ll hopefully at least get your money back and maybe even make some…MAYBE...

As you can plainly see, having your own product is just not the answer…not if you’re looking to actually MAKE money online...

The answer is simple -- affiliate marketing.

You get the benefits of product ownership in that you get paid for every sale, but you don't have to deal with ANY of the hassles mentioned above.

And if one product does not work for you -- move to another till you find one that DOES work... yep, affiliate marketing is without a doubt the fastest and easiest way to make money online.

But (there is always a but isn't there?)...

... you DO need affiliate sites…a bunch of them if you want to make life changing income.

And how do you build affiliate sites if you don't have the technical skills, the design skills, the copy skills, or the money to pay someone else to do them for you?

How can you ever get started without spending months or years developing this stuff?

Well... what if - in the next 10 minutes you can start producing an endless array of Professional Affiliate Marketing Review sites and cash sucking landing pages without having to pay a single dime to have them built for you…

Heck, how about making $7500 in one week with next to no computer skills except how to turn the thing on, and click a mouse enough times to find google and surf the web???

Or having an $7,497.05 amount week from this account?

What would you do if these were YOUR accounts…and money and time were no longer an issue in your life?

Really think about it... because it's super important to know what you will do with all your money... AND your time:

      • Would you spend time playing with your family, not use the “excuse” of too little time…
      • Would you go on vacation...
      • Would you stop renting, just pick a house and buy it...
      • Would you go out to dinner where ever and whenever you want…
      • Would you play golf or bike ride at noon any day of the week you want…
      • Would you pay off your bills, live debt free, and forget juggling or living week to week forever?

Remember as you ask yourself this very important question “What would you do if…”

      • You don’t have to go through the trials and tribulations to figure out what works...
      • You can skip right over the failure and the ill-spent investments.
      • You don't have to take the lumps because…

…We already did it for you!

We discovered secrets and “tweaks”… that changed the way we make money online forever -- and now we're handing them to YOU...

As Concetta and I perfected our own affiliate marketing... and money got bigger... better... faster... one thing we realized is that we were reaching a plateau.

Sure things were great... after all, we were regularly getting checks like this each week:

But there were still just too many manual processes... too much time and energy was spent building our sites every day.

We needed to automate to grow our business even more or we would be stuck at our current level.


We did just that...

We automated...

We took our own money (thousands and thousands of dollars) and hired a top flight programming team to take our profitable business and streamline it -- automate it -- so that it would become "push button" money.

And the results were staggering!

Now we could literally mass produce ultra profitable affiliate marketing sites with a few quick mouse clicks -- this automation is revolutionizing affiliate marketing and making money online!

We’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing sites that cost us nothing to build -- and that were created in minutes!

Imagine what this system could do for you... how it could change your life when it's in YOUR hands!

Times are tough, and we know so many people are suffering from " under"employment or unemployment.

We have seen families, just like ours lose their homes due to the economy and Concetta and I vowed to each other that we’d find some way to help.

Which is why we've assembled the most comprehensive affiliate marketing training program AND push button automated money getting system for you.

Cash Making Affiliate Sites is not just some 30 page ebook telling you to build affiliate sites and pray….oh no!


 Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.



This is LIFE CHANGING stuff here...

With just a few clicks of the mouse, you're about to be able to create an unlimited number of money sucking Affiliate marketing sites in just minutes!

The Affiliate Profit Multiplier grants you the power to mass-produce Professional Customized Websites in any niche for free…endlessly

Just pick your niche and customize your affiliates sites right from you home computer, with no additional software needed!

And this is simple to use for ANYONE...

Heck, if you can turn your computer on and surf the web you have the raw knowledge required to start making your very own affiliate marketing empire today.

With our step by step instructions and this AMAZING new software... you will give your web site visitors no choice but to RUN to the vendors website in a fevered buying pitch to buy through your affiliate link!!

You’ll turn shoppers into buyer and buyers into lifelong customers…

…and you never have to create your own product!

Let somebody else do all the work, you just collect the checks -- quickly and easily!

OK, It’s time somebody let you in on the Biggest, Dirtiest, Secret in Internet Marketing

…There is a TON more money outside of the internet marketing “make money” niche….
yep we said it! The “make money fast” niche is not the place to be!

While the Internet marketing niche is making money for a small group of people that are “in the know”;  the average person online…and there are more than a billion of them now, just isn’t interested only in making money online!

They have figured out that the folks that make the real big bucks in the internet marketing niche are the one's putting out the products, not the people buying them!

95% of people online right now are looking for something other than how to make money!

If 95% of people online are looking for something other than how to make a million dollars over night…why the heck are you marketing to other 5%???

If Only 5% of the people online are looking for a way to make a million dollars over night… why the heck aren’t you marketing to other 95%???

While 5% of a billion people is still a nice market, wouldn’t you rather get paid a by the other 950,000,000 people that are surfing the web this very second?

These people are looking for information about their favorite hobbies, how to lose weight, how to beat your buddies at poker, how do you build a greenhouse, how do you stop your dog from barking, what are best registry repairs, etc….

When you look at the Clickbank Marketplace you’ll find the following categories-

  • E-Business and E-Marketing
  • Health and Fitness
  • Home and Garden
  • Computers and Internet
  • Jobs and Employment
  • Arts and entertainment
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Software and Services

Now if you’re anything like us, you’ve searched, Google'd, Bing'd, or Yahoo'd for at least one of the subjects listed above sometime recently...

Think about the fact that there are literally thousands of products in each one of those categories! There are millions of people researching those thousands of topics each and every day…

NEVER forget…everyone has an interest in at least one if not all of the categories of products you’ll find in the clickbank marketplace!

Here’s how you capture the 950,000,000 People that are looking for information about something online…

Most folks are more than willing to spend a couple of bucks to get better or learn more about their hobby.

I know from personal experience that we personally love to spend money on things that make our kids happy; the happier the kids are, the happier the whole house is!

For example, If I know that our daughter Erika wants to teach our dog Zen not to bark (though seldom does because he’s a good boy), you KNOW we’re buying a book on how to teach your dog not to bark!

And like everybody else on the planet, we have absolutely no time nor desire to get in our car and drive to a book store…

…when we can spend 5 minutes online and find 100’s of dog obedience books!

Now think about this…what if you had the top three ranked sites for dog obedience books in a google search; I bet we’re gonna buy my book from you!

But you didn’t have to write the book…

You probably don’t know a thing about dog obedience…

You certainly didn’t spend thousands of dollars on developing a dog obedience product…

You just had the good sense to become an affiliate in a strong niche and sell somebody else’s stuff for a nice fat commission!

You had the good sense to have a system in place to mass produce affiliate sites in enough strong niches that everybody is going to run across your sites at some point!

It’s Not Your Fault…

If you’re reading this right now, you certainly know enough about the web to know that just building a hundred sites doesn’t mean that you are going to make penny # 1…

The profits are in the traffic…nothing else is more important to your success than a steady flow of traffic.

You want folks that are on the verge of buying! They must have a need for what you’re promoting!

You WANT the people that need just a tiny push in the right direction to pull out their credit card and type in those magic numbers...

We are going to show you the “ins and outs” on how to position your sites directly in front of these buyers -- almost immediately.

We are only interested in the people who NEED the products that we are promoting and you are going to learn every one of our secrets tricks to getting buyers to your sites in near record speed...

So we’ve designed this entire course to help you put these kinds of people on your new automatically created sites - FAST!

Each one of these highly targeted and specific modules will revolve around one crucial and irreplaceable aspect of your affiliate marketing business.

We know that everybody learns in a different way, and our goal is to guarantee your success by presenting you with three different means of learning:

  • Over the shoulder video lessons that you can follow along with at your own pace. You’ll be free to stop, rewind and fast forward through these comprehensive videos to ensure you do miss a single pat of your lesson plan!
  • Fully detailed training manuals, you can read and review at your own pace so no stone will be unturned!
  • Live overviews of the complete lesson plan in each of the modules, before you open a manual or start a step by step instructional video, you’ll be sure to  have a complete grasp of what you are about to learn!

With our brand new Cash Making Affiliate Sites system no one will be left behind because they either don’t like videos or don’t like to read written manuals!

Your comfort level with this life changing course and automated system is what is most important to us!

Our promise to you is that your problems of the past with affiliate marketing will be ancient history!

In fact, here is a glimpse of what you are about to receive and discover:




MODULE #1: Niche Seeker… Locating profitable niches with ease!

  • You’re going to learn the secrets to finding the most powerful niches to attack…
  • Which products within that niche to concentrate on …
  • Which statistic really matter to you and which ones you can ignore…
  • How to use the tools in clickbank and google to ensure you’ve chosen winners…



MODULE #2: Affiliate Foundation…How to set up your new affiliate business the RIGHT way.

  • We are going to virtually take you by the hand and walk you through the step by step instructions of setting up each and every system you need to have you entire affiliate empire a mouse click away!
  • You’ll have video and written tutorials on…
  • Domain selection and purchase…
  • Hosting …
  • All of your list building tools…
  • Wordpress platform…



MODULE #3: Keyword Research…Baiting the trap for higher profits!

  • This is where the traffic begins….
  • How to find the keywords that will bound past the “competition”
  • Advanced usage of google best working tool…such as-
  • Keyword External,
  • Wordtracker,
  • WonderWheel,
  • and a comprehensive guide into the covert uses of Adwords tools!



MODULE #4: Wordpress Mastery … How to use this powerful free application to EXPLODE your affiliate business – FAST!

  • We show you be taught exactly how to operate your free wordpress account
  • How to add the plugins that really blow conversions through the roof
  • How to install you Affiliate Profit Multiplier Software that we had custom designed just for members of the Cash Making Affiliate Sites Team, this is the only software of its kind and it give you the power to mass-produce FREE professional affiliate sites!
  • The secret techniques that will place your new affiliate sites head and shoulders above your “so called” competition!
  • Best of all…you need absolutely zero prior knowledge of web design or wordpress, if you can turn on your computer and click on your mouse…we’ll teach you how to be a master at building free professional websites as often as you want…(believe me, when you see how much money just one of these sites can make, you’ll want to build these babies day and night!)




MODULE #5: Content Crusher … Get quality content EASY!

  • This is where we get into the “nitty gritty” of how you’re going to fill your sites (for free) with EXACTLY what a buyer wants to see.
  • You don’t ever want to waste your very valuable time on “tire kickers” (people who shop but never buy)”, you are in this to sell through your affiliate link, that means your site are for buyers!
  • …Never forget, you are an affiliate marketing business owner now…your time is supremely valuable!
  • With the content sources and skills you’ll master in this part of the course you attract buyers, and if they weren’t buyers when they came to your sites…they will be by the time they leave and go to buy through your affiliate link!



MODULE #6: SEO... Two Flavors, One Result -- TRAFFIC!

  • This module is an introduction into two of the most powerful modules in the course!
  • You’ll find that On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is exactly what it sounds like; very specific, targeted additions you make while building your sites that will make the search engine very happy with your site.
  • We have already discussed how important SEO is to your Web Business. We talked about the importance of applying SEO tactics to your websites and we are now going to share with you the things you need to do behind the scenes of your website that are crucial to driving traffic to your site.



MODULE #7: Off-Page SEO... Open the Flood Gates and Step to the Side For Your Own Safety!

  • Your affiliate sites are about to race to the top of the search engine result…doesn’t get much simpler than that!
  • If you can turn your computer on and click your mouse…we’ll teach you everything else you need to know to get your sites ranked on top of the first page!
  • You’re about to master every secret & covert, yet legal (yes LEGAL, if you use “blackhat” techniques to artificially raise your ranking you will be found and penalized) technique available today!
  • We’ve learned an amazing amount of tricks and you’re gonna get them all, you’re gonna have all of the tricks the other guys don’t want you to know!-
  • Advanced Backlinking tactics,
  • Backlink tracking,
  • Article content tricks,
  • Using Common Forums for extraordinary results
  • The often miss-used Social Bookmarking tricks that change the whole game (there are guys out there charging $197 just for what’s in this module!)
  • RSS feeds as a weapon!
  • Press Releases
  • And we saved the best for last….Our Off-Page SEO Secret Weapon!
  • We can’t say any more here, but we’ll tell you this much…this one weapon is more than worth the price of this or any course you’ve ever bought!



MODULE #8: On-Page SEO... Secret Server Crushing Traffic Methods Anyone Can Do!

  • On-Page SEO is exactly what it sounds like…specific additions you make to your free websites to make the search engine “spiders” (electronic hall monitors) see all of the components that make up a great site…a site that deserves a #1 ranking!
  • Thanks to our Affiliate Profit Multiplier System Software, you’ll be able to do everything you need done by yourself with ease! If you can click a mouse, you can optimize your free sites to the highest level!
  • We’ve been able to boil this down to a purely mechanical process for you to follow, no mystery or voodoo!
  • What you’ll learn in just this one module will put you head and shoulders above the competition!
  • Here’s just a short list of the topic you’ll master in this module-
  • Keywords
  • Keyword density
  • Title Tags
  • Meta Tags
  • H1 Tag
  • Alt Tags
  • Duplicate Content
  • Time on Page
  • Both Kinds of Site Maps
  • And all of the other secret tricks that both suck in the spiders AND and emotionally attach your readers to your free websites




MODULE #9: Pay Per Click... Easy Targeted Traffic For Next To Nothing!

  • PPC is an incredibly powerful force for driving traffic to your sites.
  • You’re going to learn the newest, most advanced tactics for starting and maintaining a successful PPC campaign.
  • Now these techniques are ridiculously effective at driving highly targeted buyers to you sites, but they also fall outside of our mission to have you start your new affiliate marketing business for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day.
  • These are advanced tools and techniques, you’ll want to implement them as soon as your budget allows.
  • You’ll soon discover that a $100 PPC campaign can easily yield you between $500-$1000 in income!
  • So even though this is advanced stuff, we promised you that we would hold nothing back!
  • You are going to get step by step videos and manual detailing every step of a profitable PPC campaign!



MODULE #10: Web 2.0 Social Media Marketing... Traffic As Simple As Inviting A Few Friends Over!

  • A World Wide Web 2.0 site allows its users to interact with other users or to change website content giving everyone the ability to communicate endlessly across the globe.
  • Social media describes websites that allows users to share content, media, etc., such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin .
  • Methods of SMO include blogging, RSS feeds, videos, images, social bookmarking, and many more.
  • Viral marketing is, in essence, the “word of mouth” of the 21st century.




MODULE #11: List Building... Build Enormous Lists of Rabid Fans That Want What YOU’RE Selling!

  • This is the rallying cry of all great marketer's…build your list!
  • We’ll my friend, you going to learn everything we know about list building, how to design the perfect opt-in form for each one of your niche specific sites, step by step instructions how to set up your list, making your list love you, the exact timing and operation of your auto-responder series, and a few dirty little trick that make all of the difference in the world…
  • A huge portion of our income is brought in specifically due to our many lists.
  • We’re going to teach you how to build your own 7 figure list!


MODULE #12: Affiliate Profit Multiplier Software... How to setup and use your powerful APM software!

  • This is for Cash Making Affiliate Sites Owners Only!
  • As a Cash Making Affiliate Sites Business Owner, you have exclusive unlimited usage.
  • We have undertaken the burden and cost of having a top programmer develop a turn-key software system that empowers you with the ability to repeatedly punch out income producing websites for free…yep we said it, FREE!
  • How’s that for a return on your investment!
  • You’ll receive extensive training on this amazing software to the point that if you have no idea how websites are designed, you’ll be producing your own the same hour!

The complete Cash Making Sites comprehensive training course and Affiliate Multiplier push button profit system is a game changer...

... a life changer...

With Cash Making Affiliate Sites we have answered every question and left no stone unturned.

... even if you have NO experience and have never even made a sale before, you CAN finally achieve success with this system.

We have supplied you with the means to learn by reading, watching, AND Following along step by patient step at your own pace!

And we have taken what would have once been a leap of faith for you and turned it into a guarantee!

We back our course with a full 60 day, 100% no questions asked, money back guarantee!

That’s how confident we are that no matter how much or how little skill you have today, you’ll get more benefit from this course than you can imagine!

We are supremely confident in you and your ability to give your family the lives that they deserve, the lives that you are dying to give them.

And that doesn’t just mean gifts…

…it means time, the greatest gift of all!

  • Just imagine the life you’ll have when you no longer get up to go to work in the morning.
  • Imagine that your commute is now into your home office!
  • Imagine having time off when ever your kids do!
  • Imagine special “private time” with your favorite someone in the middle of the day!!!



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